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Welcome brothers & sisters, Bienvenido hermanos!

Hi y’all, I’m Christina a wife and mother of 5 (2 young adults and 3 little ones).  I am blessed with a wonderful husband which works hard to allow me the opportunity that God has called on our family to be a homemaker and homeschooling mama, to 3 absolutely wonderful little ones, ages 7 years, 6 years and 3 ½. My husband is a native Salvorean and I am a Native Northern Virginian. We live in a somewhat “small town”, well it used to be a small town anyway, not so small anymore.  I’ve definitely seen it grow expotentially over the last 36 years that I have lived here.   Come join me on my journey of life seeking and finding frugal and healthy ways to live in these crazy expensive times and forever learning with me and my family.  

I am passionate about learning to live a clean, simple, and, self-reliant life for me and my family.  My heart is truely in the kitchen as I enjoy serving delicious and healthy foods to my family. I love to blend together the american and salvavorean recipes in my meals.   I’m always learning and, trying to change for the better.  I have come up with some delicious recipes, and come up with some healthier, cleaner versions for some of me and my family’s favorites recipes and products.   It would be selfish of me not to share my delicious healthy recipes.



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Minimized simplicity

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