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8 Things to Get Rid of to Declutter your Home

Decluttering your home is the first step to living a simpler, more intentional life.

Why do I need to Declutter?

Decluttering your home is the first step to living a simpler, more intentional life.

I get it. Decluttering is a first-world problem. We are blessed beyond belief to even consider giving away something that we have spent our hard-earned money on. Most people in this world can’t even imagine having that luxury. While that thought is well-respected and considered, I think it’s important to make choices that will benefit you in your present moment. Holding on to items that you don’t have a need for or that lead to you feeling overwhelmed by your space, is not the best way to live your life.

Clutter causes chaos, stress, and anxiety. Those are all emotions that can tear you apart from the inside out.

Lift the burden off of your home so that it can breathe a sigh of relief.


8 Things to Get Rid of to Declutter your Home

1. Linen

Even though you already have 20 towels, blankets, and/or sheets, you are still going to grab that “new and improved” quality bed-sheet from Target because it’s just so beautiful and you always ALWAYS have to grab something on your way out. Girl, let’s be real here. You are never going to need 20+ items of linen. Never in your life. Take a good hard look at your linen closet and declutter the items that  don’t really suit your style. There’s a reason why you only use the same linen over and over again, it’s because those are the ones that you truly LOVE. Everything else needs to given away!


2. Kitchen Gadgets

We’ve all been there. Guilty of buying that expensive new kitchen gadget that will pretty much cook a meal for you (or so the commercial says), but honestly after the first couple of uses, how often did you actually remember to use that gadget? My guess is that it’s just sitting on your kitchen counter or hidden away in a cabinet collecting dust. If you don’t have a real need for it, declutter it!


3. Old Magazines

I personally hated getting magazines in the mail. Because I spent money on a subscription, I was obligated to find time to read that magazine. And when I finally did get around to reading  it, I would hold on to it because MAYBE one day I would need to refer back to a particular article. The truth is that I never remembered to look back at that article, I couldn’t even remember which magazine I read it in.  Unless you have an art project coming up, do yourself a favor and recycle or donate them to a local school.


4. Kids Art Work

Okay, this one is hard for me to even write, but it’s so necessary. Kids create new art work probably every single day of their childhood. If you were to hold on to even just one year of work, that would be 365 pieces of paper! Are you telling me that you’re actually going to reflect through 365 pieces of art work when your kids are grown up and gone? Probably NOT. I bet you won’t even remember what half of them meant, and more importantly, neither will your children! Take pictures of the work that you want to remember, choose the few that you want to actually keep, and discard the rest. This one is hard for mamas, I know. You can do it though!


5. Outfits that you Never Wear

You know exactly what I’m talking about. That one shirt, skirt, and/or pant that makes you cringe at the thought of wearing it in public. You try to give it a chance by putting it on, and then immediately change your mind and throw it on the floor. It’s time to say goodbye and declutter that outfit. Just do it. You’ll create room in your closet for an outfit that actually fits your style, or you might decide that open space feels good to your soul.


6. Old Makeup

Ladies, listen up closely. If you haven’t worn a particular lip color, mascara, or foundation in over 6 months, you are probably not going to wear it for the next 6 months. When we get brand new makeup that we just LOVE, we wear it proudly as often as possible. It makes us feel beautiful and confident, who doesn’t want to feel that? If the way a makeup product looks on you is anything but beautiful and confident, you need to declutter  and discard ASAP.


7. Old textbooks

Raise your hand if you spent a ridiculous amount of money on textbooks in college? Raise your hand if you’re still hoarding those textbooks because you of the investment you made? I can totally understand the pain of getting rid of something that you spent a crazy amount money on and that is of absolutely no use to you today, but hear me out. The purpose of that textbook has already been fulfilled (several years ago). Surrounding yourself with items that no longer serve a purpose is literally a WASTE OF VALUABLE SPACE. Appreciate the knowledge you gained from that textbook by decluttering it from your home and donating it to a local library.


8. Coffee Mugs

We need to have our coffee every morning and it NEEDS to be in that specific coffee mug. I’ll wait for a minute while you go check out your coffee mug collection. Back? Okay, let me know if I’m completely off, but I predict that you have at least 10 mugs of all sorts and you only use 1-3 of them. Why are you hoarding those mugs?? Declutter them and make space to showcase the ones that you actually love. That open space will definitely brighten up your mornings!


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Let me know in the comments below which item was the easiest to declutter!

Happy Decluttering!



xo, Sharmin

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” – Hans Hofmann


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