Why you should be your First Priority

A typical day of being a mom is nothing short of heroism. You make sure the little people around you are well-fed, rested, safe, and happy. You do this again and again and again. You work 24/7 without monetary pay or benefits. The work is endless, tiring, and repetitive. Moms all over the world are like an army of superwomen, always ready to serve.

What we don’t realize though is how many times we neglect our own needs for the needs of others.  The list of sacrifices we make on a daily basis can vary from not having time to get dressed in the morning, to skipping that shower, to not serving yourself until the kids have been fed, to not getting enough sleep, to not having time for friendships anymore, and the list goes on and on! I can almost see you nodding your head because it’s true, motherhood has made us as selfless as can be.

So why do we make all these sacrifices? Did anyone actually tell us to make them? Is it written in the official manual for moms? The answer is simple, no. In most cases, no outside person is actually telling us to make these sacrifices. It’s this feeling on the inside that gnaws at our hearts every time we want to do something for ourselves. It’s the feeling that makes you feel lower than dirt itself. That feeling is called guilt.

Let’s talk about what guilt is for a minute. The dictionary defines it as the fact of having committed a specified or implied offense or crime. That definition in itself is like a wakeup call. You didn’t do anything wrong. That guilty feeling you experience at the pit of your stomach when you want to go out with your girlfriends, is all MENTAL. You are first and foremost a human being, with needs and desires. Just because you became a mom, that fact did not change.

There’s no reason to feel guilty about wanting to take care of yourself physically, mentally, socially, or spiritually. When any of those needs are not being met, you are operating at less than 100%. You may be feeling tired, bored, lonely, or lost. You then release negative energy, and may unintentionally spread that energy to those around you. Your spouse or children are then caught in a chain reaction because they will go around spreading that same negative energy to others they encounter throughout the day. Now, do we really need more unhappy people walking around the world?

Making yourself your first priority is the greatest gift you can give your family. This is something that I am working on, it doesn’t come naturally to me, but I’m realizing that the more I practice self-love, the happier and more confident I am which is surprisingly having a positive effect on my family. When I take time to care for myself, I am recharging my batteries, so when it’s time to be that superwoman that I need to be, I go at it with full force.



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Stay blessed, Sharmin


“You cannot pour from an empty cup.”

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